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My Story

Miller is 4. She adores pink, is your CEO whether you know it or not, and coloring is totally her jam. She's also my niece, and the living, breathing reason why So She Wrote & Co. came to mean so much to me. 

In 2016 I leapt from my life in Oklahoma near my family and in a comfortable career I had spent my life pursuing. I jumped off a cliff and landed in Maryland. It was hands down one of the biggest risks and best decisions I have ever made. Despite living my absolute best life, I felt so disconnected from my nieces and nephew and was frantically searching for a way to make sure they knew I loved them even while I was living across the country. So, I wrote. I decide to take it old school, throw back style, and become their pen pal. Miller is the one who really latched on to the idea and to this day anxiously waits for her "surprises" in the mail.


My whole goal is to build a business that is my very own and show Miller and her sister and brother they can do anything they put their minds to. I want to build a relationship with them like the one my Aunts built with me growing up. Hopefully these accessories will be the seal on the letter that writes our story.

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